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At Youlton + Ganderats we believe that people are the main asset of the company. Any organizational decision or changes that impact the business and it’s Human Capital should be thoroughly and carefully evaluated.
We can help you with the following services:


We help top management executives to enhance their management skills

and develop new competencies. With our advice, a professional can expand

their leadership skills, improve their adaptation to change and uncertainty

scenarios, enrich their emotional management and assertive communication

tools and, ultimately, acquire key skills to strengthen the performance and

cohesion of teams.


We help our clients in the elaboration of a Succession Plan that allows them to identify in advance the suitable substitute when a key executive will retire from the company. A correct implementation of succession allows companies to guarantee continuity in their strategy regardless of individual leadership styles, preserving the vision and values of the organization.


We conduct in-depth assessments of leadership performance and effectiveness of the executives of your organization.

Through tools of proven quality and interviews by competencies, we evaluate aptitudes, skills, interests, motivators and competencies of executives by enabling performance potential and cultural fit with the company.

We support you in developing professionals for the top management of

your organization; maximizing results in volatile business environments

and uncertain.


We assess your team to obtain a strategic diagnosis of your internal talent’s situation. This Talent Map will allow us to determine strengths and potential gaps of your team.


We can develop an external Talent Analysis, through a Podemos realizar una Evaluación de Talento Externo a la compañía a través de un análisis del ecosistema de tu negocio e industria; con el objetivo de tener una mejor comprensión de:

  • We identify executives capable of adding high value to a company by fulfilling specific roles thanks to having in-depth knowledge of an industry.

  • We can help you understand your organization's future talent needs and develop strategies to close any gaps in your current human capital availability.

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